things i love tuesday

  1. my nephew. holy hell, he's almost two years old but hot damn. i'm pretty sure he's smarter than all of us put together. 
  2. longman and eagle. i spent a delightful afternoon there drinking old fashioned, eating delicious food, reading and chatting with the bartenders about my book and tattoos and whether or not portland is really like portlandia. (i never anticipated how often i'd be asked this.)
  3. seeing my friend cheryl. we don't get to talk nearly enough and it was nice to catch up in person.
  4. visiting my favorite antique store, the one i've been going to since i was 15.
  5. our friends syndy and colleen. i was all ready to do a friday friends post last week about them but slept all day when i arrived home. you'd have heard all the reasons why they are two of my favorite people in the world, one of my very favorite branches in my chosen family tree.
  6. my parents. despite the fact that they did not see me at my best both times they saw me, i'm pretty sure they still love me. 
  7. getting to spend many days with kateri, although not nearly enough. it was nice that one of the days was saturday, just like old times.

i'm sorry to everyone i didn't get to see. next time, i promise.


when we moved to portland, i was thrilled to discover that a theater here has a monthly kung fu night. since i was really young, i've loved kung fu movies. they were a regular part of my saturday ritual for years. 

i love the bad dubbing and ridiculous costumes. the overwrought acting and the eyebrows. kung fu movies take eyebrows to a whole new level. but really, i love the kung fu itself - the training sequences, the fights... all of it.

so, almost every month since we've been here we've gone to the holly wood theater for kung fu theater. our favorite so far was a movie from a few months ago that included this completely awesome scene:

this week it was a double feature and it was fantastic. the first movie starred a very young jackie chan. the second was something i'd never heard of and it was just crazy kung fu fun. 

check out how young jackie chan looks in the intro to the movie:


be like water, friends. be like water.


last night we visited the photobooth at the ace to commemorate our anniversary. here's a few of my favorites:


shawn & i love trees. i know, i know - who doesn't? we are tree nerds though. we totally dork out over trees. last spring we joked about starting a zine called "tree fancy." a couple of months ago shawn told me he registered a domain for a tree project. 

once my new website was finished i wanted to do something for him. so, i asked a bunch of people for help. you can see the beginning of our new project over here.


there are new color friends in our shops. these are the things that kateri and i make that go together, both on purpose and on accident. this batch of color friends are brought to you by the letter S.

salvage necklace / earrings

solar power earrings / necklace

sunburst necklace / barrette

sorbetto di sole barrette / necklace

suggestible necklace / bracelet / earrings


mom, stop reading. you're going to be jealous.

i come from a long line of clumsy women. clumsy women who enjoy cocktails and occasionally suffer from monumental lapses in judgement, wardrobe malfuctions and verbal diahrrea. who strutted onto dance floor at her sister-in-law's wedding with her skirt tucked into her panty hose? why, that would be me!  i'm not kidding you when i tell you this is the least embarrassing story of that ilk that i could share. AND i could tell similar stories about my mom and grandma. yeah, we are AWESOME.

so, when this book came out and well, i've found myself in the very position pictured on the cover, i was in. all in.

i read it, loved it, laughed so hard i gave myself a stomach ache, multiple times. then i bought it for my mom, who also LOVED it. laurie notaro had two new fans. we read each of her books when they came out, love love loving them all. last year my mom sent me her newest book, it looked better on the model. i was reading it in the car while we were on one of our roadtrips and laughing so hard that shawn got jealous. so, i read outloud while he drove. and we both laughed and laughed. 

i just sent kateri the book because of a delightfully disgusting story about the sea lion caves, a place we've discussed visiting once she moves to portland. also, i wanted to share the laurie notaro love. please note: we MAY be rethinking that planned outing. ew, gross.

imagine my delight when i went online to get tickets to a back fence pdx event and discovered she was going to be one of the storytellers! even shawn, who normally reserves all his excitement for music festivals and smoked bbq brisket, was excited. 

so, it was last night. the whole show was fantastic. laurie notaro rocked. she told the grossest, funniest story and looked adorable doing it. i may love her even more.

(see mom. i told you you'd be jealous.)